In the heat of battle during a Revolutionary War skirmish in South Carolina, a young American soldier performed a brave act. Seeing that the South Carolina flag had fallen to the ground, he leapt over the wall of the fort, secured the flag and then safely returned to his post to fight gallantly with his company.

This simple, brave action brought notoriety to Sergeant William Jasper. It should not go unnoticed that the people of this spirited and independent county at the southern tip of South Carolina chose Sergeant Jasper as their namesake. The deed for which he has been immortalized seems to symbolize both the simple hardiness of the land and the rugged spirit of the people who inhabit it.

Important moments in history are permanently etched into historic sites still visible in Jasper County. Valuable archeological digs date the history of the area back to ancient Indian times, while the site of an early Swiss settlement stands as a reminder of pre-colonial days.

A Revolutionary War statesman and signer of the Declaration of Independence lived and died in Jasper County, and Civil War heroes fought here for their respective causes.

Jasper County is a part of the South Carolina Lowcountry, renowned worldwide for its unique history and natural assets. Neighbor to both the old-world ports of Savannah and Charleston, and thriving resorts such as Hilton Head Island on the Beaufort County coast, Jasper County has somehow managed to retain the simple, original flavor of the lowcountry. Simultaneously, the county has found itself in an ideal position to taste the benefits of progress. Through the years, Jasper County has become known as a sportsman's paradise. Its 662 square miles are dotted with a number of hunting clubs and plantation grounds housing large populations of wildlife. From ducks to alligators to marsh hens, the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge is the home of an amazing variety of wild species. And, Jasper County’s long border on the Savannah River, its fresh water lakes and salt water rivers all make perfect hunting, fishing and recreational areas.

Formed in 1912, Jasper County is South Carolina’s third youngest county, but has since grown to a population of around 16,000. Ridgeland, the town once known as Gopher Hill, serves as the county seat at the geographic center of the county. Both Ridgeland and Hardeeville are located on the vital north-south transportation artery of Interstate 95.

Traditionally the economy of Jasper County has been based on agriculture, the production of forest products, row crops, vegetables and livestock and is still a way of life for many residents. The County’s fertile soil, mild climate and abundant groundwater also offer potential for alternative agricultural enterprises such as kiwi fruit and catfish production. Changing times have brought tourism and other industries to the forefront. There is a readily available labor force in the Jasper county area.

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