5 Photo Worthy Spots in Jasper County, SC

//5 Photo Worthy Spots in Jasper County, SC

5 Photo Worthy Spots in Jasper County, SC

It’s finally summer, the perfect time to get outdoors more to enjoy nature. In fact, just a few days before the official start of the season, the nation celebrates National Nature Photography Day on June 15.

You don’t need to celebrate on just one day, however. Why not celebrate all month long?

Jasper County is home to some of the Lowcountry’s most unique and beautiful wildlife. Not to mention the historic destinations that make up our towns. 

We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 favorite photo worthy spots in Jasper County. So grab your camera and make your way over to experience these one-of-a-kind destinations through your lens. 

Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

U.S Fish & Wildlife Service Website

One of the oldest members of the National Wildlife Refuge System, Savannah National Wildlife Refuge is located in lower Jasper County. The refuge includes nearly 23,000 acres of land along the Savannah River. A vast array of wildlife live throughout, including ducks, deer, alligator, water birds, and so much more. 

Discover evidence of the refuge’s historic past through the remains of slave quarters, mill sites, and even graveyards. There’s really no bad place to snap a picture within the refuge. Savannah National Wildlife Refuge is one of the few national refuges with photography blinds ideal for setting up your camera and snapping the perfect shot of a bird in the marsh, cypress trees, or blooming lily pads. 

Frampton House Museum

South Carolina Lowcountry Website

The Frampton House Museum has a history reaching back to the 1700’s. What started as a plantation home was burnt down during the Civil War and eventually rebuilt by the Frampton family in the late 1860’s. 

In the 1930’s, the home was restored once again. About 40 years later, it was purchased by the Sea Pines Company and used as a point of sale center for Sea Pines on Hilton Head Island. 

It wasn’t until the early 1990’s that the Frampton House fell into the hands of its current owners – the Lowcountry Tourism Commission. They then created the Lowcountry Visitors Center & Museum, thus assuring the restoration and preservation of the home and the nature that surrounds it.

Come experience the historic live oak trees that frame the building and the Civil War earthworks in the backyard. You’re sure to get dozens of photos here!

Argent Steam Engine

SC Lowcountry Tourism Commission Facebook

Located next to Hardeeville’s Town Hall you’ll find “Old Number 7,” or the Argent Steam Engine. This historic train calls Main Street Hardeeville its home and stands as a reminder of the turn-of-the-century railroad days. 

The locomotive was once used by the Argent Lumber Company operating out of Hardeeville in the early 1900’s. Stop by and snap a few photos of the engine and imagine yourself traveling back in time. 

Ridge Pointe & Gopher Tortoise Square

The Town of Ridgeland, SC Facebook

History is kept alive in the heart of Ridgeland’s downtown area. Where Main Street and Railroad Avenue meet, you’ll find a beautiful park straight out of a history book.

Imagine the community parks of the early 1900’s – not much has changed when it comes to Ridge Point Square. The gazebo can be used for celebrations like weddings, and you may stumble upon a community concert or other event during your visit. 

Directly across the street is Gopher Tortoise Square where you can pose for a picture with the famous tortoise statue. 

Pratt Memorial Library

Jasper County Chamber of Commerce

Ridgeland is home to Jasper County’s public library, Pratt Memorial Library. This building holds a great significance for its service to the community, the building’s history, and the charming grounds that surround it.

Inside, the walls of the 1920-era library are covered in over 200 portraits and maps relating to Lowcountry history. A collection of 250 rare books and archeological artifacts help tell the history of the area.

Meanwhile, the exterior of the building is surrounded by an alluring garden designed by nationally renowned landscape architect Richard K. Webel. Webel’s wife donated the building to Jasper County in honor of her first husband, the late Frederic R. Pratt. 

The pristine exterior and beautiful landscaping make for the perfect backdrop for your photos. 

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