How To Be More Productive In Ten Steps

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How To Be More Productive In Ten Steps

Are you having a hard time prioritizing tasks because there are too many things running through your brain? You’re not alone. Most business professionals feel that there is too much to do and too little time to do it.

Prioritizing is an essential part of business success. Here are ten ways to assist in prioritizing your day for increased production.

1. Write It Down

Write down every task and commitment as they happen. Once on paper, you no longer have to remember the item. When we try and remember everything on our plate, we become mentally drained before tackling tasks. 

2. Start Preparing for Tomorrow the Night Before

Take 10 minutes before going to bed to look at your schedule for the following day and prioritize your tasks. This quick survey helps us be more mentally prepared to face the day the next morning. 

3. Begin The Day with the Toughest Tasks

By doing our most dreaded task first, we achieve two things. First, we tackle the item while your brainpower is best. Second, we create a sense of achievement that is with us for the rest of the day.

4. Delay Looking at Email

By starting the day with emails, we set ourselves up to be distracted. Often, an email can send us down a rabbit hole that was not on the schedule. The distraction makes us less productive in the long run. 

5. Take Breaks Throughout the Day

We must step away and recharge ourselves a few times a day. During this time, do a non-work activity. After a break, it’s easier to return our focus to what’s most important in our business tasks.

6. Schedule Routine Items Throughout the Day

Schedule 15 minutes to review emails, social media, and perform any other routine task in the day. When we piece mail our day by scanning emails and social media frequently, we become distracted and accomplish less.

7. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Healthy people are more productive. Starting the day with a healthy breakfast helps us feel better and often will result in eating better throughout the day.

8. Get Some Exercise

Go for a 15-minute walk, clean, take the stairs. Whatever you can do to get your body in motion, do it. Good health and productivity are closely related. 

9. Delegate Anything Someone Else Can Do For You

Don’t spend time on an activity that can quickly be done by someone else. The more we delegate to others, the more we can accomplish.

10. Learn to Say No

It is hard to say no sometimes, but it’s important to say no when other tasks take priority. Everyone loses and we are less productive when we fill our plate with too many items. There is no way we can give 100% to the critical tasks at hand when we have too much on our plate.

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